UPDATE: Home daycare providers feel impact of government shutdown


OKLAHOMA CITY — Thousands of home daycare providers across Oklahoma are feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

The shutdown could cost some of those child care providers thousands of dollars.

Virtually all home daycares in the state receive federal reimbursements for food they provide to children.

The government shutdown means those payments stopped after the first of the month with no word when they’ll resume.

“We’re gonna be struggling until they figure out what they’re doing,” said home daycare provider Kaylene Hilton.

Like most home daycares, Kayleen receives close to a thousand dollars a month in federal funds to provide healthy meals to her kids.

“We expect that money to help with our bills every month,” said Hilton.

The USDA explained all meals served prior to October first will be reimbursed, but going forward, payments are on hold.

All Kaylene can do is hope the political stalemate in Washington ends sooner rather than later.

“I think it’s ridiculous. They shouldn’t be punishing people that are hard working,” said Hilton.

In all, there are thousands of home daycares across the state.

Each month millions of dollars are distributed to those home businesses.