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UPDATE: Pair caught stealing junk during crime spree

HARRAH, Okla. — Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies arrest two people following a string of thefts.

The pair remains behind bars accused of multiple crimes over the weekend.

The two alleged crooks were caught red-handed stealing an old engine.

In fact, the pair were definitely not gonna get rich off the stolen items.

The loot included a pair of old bicycles, a rusted garage door rail and other assorted scrap metal from a small barn.

“It was worth probably $40 of scrap iron, and just stuff we didn’t care about,” said Harold Manwell.

Harold, the farm’s owner, says Mary Moore was waiting along Peebly road as a lookout, and claimed to be out of gas, when the victims found Christopher Fulton stealing the scrap metal.

The pair sped down the road but were later found stealing a truck engine from another victim.

“The engine they were trying to put in the truck was stolen from a nearby house,” said Mark Myers with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Dept. “Basically it appears they were driving around the country stealing different items.”

Myers says thefts from unsecured property is one of the most common complaints the sheriff’s department receives.

The suspects do have a lengthy criminal history, including theft and drug charges dating back to 2005.

“Fortunately, we caught them with their hands in the cookie jar in this case,” said Myers.

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