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WASHINGTON – The partial government shutdown’s finally over.

The debt ceiling debacle has been averted.

Obamacare remains virtually unscathed.

The hardline House Republicans, whose opposition to the President’s signature healthcare law set this all in motion, got pretty much zip.

But it’s all temporary; in a few months, Congress will come back to fight the same battles.

For now, though, thousands of furloughed federal workers will return to work Thursday, the U.S. can pay its bills, and an economic superpower can again boast a functioning government.

Everything came together Wednesday on a frenzied night of deadline deals.

Lawmakers toiled through the night, coming precariously close to hitting the midnight debt ceiling deadline.

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  • patriot

    People of Oklahoma Rhino Congressman Tom Cole needs to go! He showed us once again tonight that he is NOT a true Conservative and part of the establishment!

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