PHOTOS: Show off your pets in Halloween costumes!

Posted on: 4:52 pm, October 17, 2013, by , updated on: 06:33pm, October 31, 2013

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  • I have two English Bulldogs that are my family. The one on the right is Bigboy Tank and the one on the right is Brown Sugar. We had so much fun with our theme this year.

  • Our beloved, Shih tzu, Oscar, who is no longer with us, but will never be forgotten

  • Roscoes Halloween Costume

  • We don't have kids, but we have wiener dogs! The hot dog costume is so over-used for wieners...the pumpkin works! Had a hard time keeping the hat on, though!

  • Sydney as a Lady Bug

  • Abbey's Costume

  • Storm is a Border Collie-Lab mix almost 2 yrs. old she loves to dress up, I made for her a Wonder Woman costume this year and she walks really proud on it.

  • Lucy from Morgan Kirkes in Yukon

  • Storm is a Border Collie-Lab mix she loves to dress up so this year I made for her a Wonder Woman costume which she walks really proud in it

  • Our little 10lb. 2 yr old weenie dog from Melissa

  • Lincoln from Morgan Kirkes in Yukon

  • My dog Lizzie as a bunny!!

  • This our 4 yr old parson Russell terrier in her tutu

  • sitting by the Rooster fall basket with his blue green baby hat.

  • This is my Chihuahua Madeline in her witch costume

  • This is my Pomeranian Lola

  • My Pekignese Bart

  • Twix dressed as a margarita.

  • Lilian's divine chaos

  • Batdog from Bob and Laurie Kelly

  • Bleeker the Sheriff

  • My Chihuahua, Pistol Pete, as The Very Hungry Caterpillar from Eric Carle's children's book! - Jordann Longnecker

  • Charro, always trying to escape

  • From Kris Ashley

  • We do pet rescue and these are 5 of our rescue Guinea Pigs all ready for Halloween and trick or treating

  • Zoey dressed as Nicki Minaj

  • Lilian's divine chaos

  • All dressed up in her OU jersey..

  • Lilian's divine chaos

  • Arrrrrr matey! Time for some Trick and Treats! Benz owned by Elizabeth Rogers in Edmond

  • This is Cowboy. He is 9 months old. He loves OSU and Dallas Cowboys!


  • Fizzy 10 year old Pomeranian. Edmond Oklahoma, owned by Stephanie Burns

  • Fizzy, 10 year old Pomeranian from Edmond Oklahoma

  • Thunder Dog from Bernice Pagan

  • Courtesy: Mann's Best Friend Facebook

  • Courtesy: Mann's Best Friend Facebook

  • Courtesy: Mann's Best Friend Facebook

  • Courtesy: Mann's Best Friend Facebook

  • Tina, from Norman, sent us a picture of her bunny in a frog costume.

  • Tara Hendricks sent us a cute picture of her little friend in a pumpkin costume.

  • Bailey the Bumble Bee

  • My daughter is a storm cloud and Sophie is the sunshine.

  • My son was a tornado and my daughter was a storm cloud last year for Halloween. Of course we needed some sunshine as well.

  • During a photo scavenger hunt one of the needed photos was a rat in a viking costume.

  • 2012

  • Elizabeth Rogers - This is my mini schnauzer pup Cuda as in Barracuda. He would rather have a treat than do a trick!

  • Nori, from Enid.

  • Scarlett the Pretty Pumpkin

These days Halloween isn’t just for the kids. Are you still working on the finishing touch for your pet’s costume?

Joining us in the KFOR-TV studios is Susan Suggs and three of her furry friends with “Paws around Town.”

Susan Suggs gives us tips on what kind of costume will work best for your pet.

If you’re interested in finding a costume for your four legged friend check out “Paws around Town” in Northpark Mall. Bring your pet along and Susan can help you find the perfect Halloween outfit.

If you dress up your dog, cat, turtle or whatever pet you own in a Halloween costume, we want to see it!

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