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Burglary suspect cries for ‘Momma’ after arrest

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SHAWNEE, Okla - Hours and hours can pass before you see a car pass by. A thief might conclude the area in western Pottawatomie County is an easy target.

But folks out here keep an eye out for intruders. Under Sheriff, JT Palmer said, "Neighbors watching neighbors."

Around 1:00 pm Thursday afternoon, two mystery men were seen lurking around a home near SH-59B and Fishmarket Rd. An alert resident spotted the suspicious activity and called 911.

Here's a portion of that call. "They've got something in the back of their truck that I believe it is mine and they are up there on the piece of property, a, sneaking around in a building right now. They're going round and round the building right now. They're so focused on getting in they ain't even looked down here to us."

Deputies swarmed the area and quickly captured 61-year-old Raymond Yandell. But his 21-year-old alleged accomplice vanished.

The younger suspect disappeared into the thick brush. Deputies searched for about an hour and a half and finally found him, hiding in a ditch.

It was clear, Thomas Hanks wasn't too keen on going to jail again.

Under Sheriff Palmer said, "Actually, he was crying, asking for his momma. But he was 21-years-old so momma don't get called. And we booked them both into the county jail."

They are facing charges of grand larceny and second degree burglary.