Man arguing with ex-wife’s boyfriend accidentally shoots own wife

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CHARDON TOWNSHIP, Ohio – A dramatic confrontation between a man and his ex-wife’s boyfriend is caught on camera.

The battle between the bad blood boils over with the man accidentally shooting his current wife in the back! Oops.

Bickering over child visitation boils over on a front lawn in Chardon Township of Ohio.

Tony Molchak dropped off his daughter at his ex-wife’s home.

He and the ex-wife’s boyfriend, Gary Schussler, exchanged words while Molchak’s wife, Shelley, recorded with her smartphone.

Molchak threw the first punch and then Schussler pulls a revolver from a back holster.

As Shelley Molchak is still recording, Schussler dropped the gun.

There was a scuffle and then Molchak grabbed the cocked and loaded gun.

The gun went off, shooting his own wife in the back.

She was flown to the hospital with a collapsed lung.

Schussler’s attorney, Michael Peterson, said Ohio’s Castle doctrine gave his client every right to pull a gun.

Peterson said, “He did what he needed to do to protect himself.”

Schussler’s neighbor, Township Trustee Michael Brown, backs his friend as well.

Brown said, “I’ve lived next to Gary for 10 years and he’s never done anything irresponsible.”

However deputies said Schussler had been drinking and was charged with having weapons while intoxicated and assault.

Molchak is charged with negligent assault against his own wife.


  • Bob says:

    Wife of the husband should have been killed. Divorce should be outlawed.

  • Sandra Sharp says:

    I’m sorry but that man walked over to the woman and kicked her and to me that does not show that he feared for his life. The man that did the first hit ran and was getting in his car. The man that had the gun should also have charges for kicking the woman.

  • Victor H says:

    Idiot in the green shirt should never attempt to punch anyone again until he actually learns how to properly punch. That first punch missed so badly that it’s almost a total joke, I have no clue why someone would feel threatened enough by this guy to need a gun!

  • i dont see anything wrong with the charges. i personally wish he hadn’t been drinking. but there is no exceptions to the law

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