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Canadian County and others use ICAC to capture child pornographers

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EL RENO, Okla. -- Tracking child predators in Oklahoma is a big focus for many local enforcement agencies.

ICAC or "Internet Crimes Against Children" is based out of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Its impact is far reaching.

The “Internet Crimes Against Children” program is operated out of Sheriff departments across the state, but one of the most successful ones is right in Canadian County.

"The search warrant wasn't for the child porn. It was to rescue the child," Lt. Adam Flowers Canadian Co. Sheriff's Dept. says

That was just one of the cases that come to mind to Detective Flowers. Then there's this one.

The Canadian County nurse who was arrested for child pornography as well as making it.

Lt. Flowers says, "We recovered about 50,000 images and videos, but on top of that he set up hidden cameras."

That's just two of the several child pornography cases worked by Canadian County.

"During the last two years our investigator, assigned that task with ICAC, has made over 50 arrests of child predators; whether it is trying to establish to meet up; or manufacturing and distribution of child porn.

Flowers primary job is to work these cases. It’s sometimes a 24/7 responsibility.

"We've been very successful in setting up what we call travelers; people that will travel from anywhere. I've had them travel from out of state; from Iowa; Stillwater, Moore even local people from OKC," Lt. Flowers explains.

He just logs on and waits.

"They initiate with us and basically we're just recording everything that's going on and building a case, and when the line is crossed…" Chris West, Canadian County Undersheriff says.

Authorities move in.

An El Reno nurse, who was arrested recently, pleaded guilty and will serve about 30 years in prison.

The most recent child porn bust made by Canadian County authorities was just this past weekend.