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OKLAHOMA CITY - A crime spree in the metro is interrupted after the accused thief and his alleged accomplice were caught in the act, allegedly ramming their vehicle into a local business.

"I head this noise, like 'boom," said one witness.  "He probably backed up 20 to 25 miles-an-hour, gave a good tire squeal and 'boom."

The silver reflective metal on the front of the small store is smashed and the front door doesn't close right after police say 48-year-old Scotty Brown rammed his truck into the business early Saturday morning.

"After he kept doing it, I'm like this guy is trying to break into the store.  That's our store," said the witness.

MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "Basically, this was a burglary interrupted in progress."

Police arrested Brown and the truck's passenger, Deanna Bullock.

Officers say the suspects may also be linked to numerous break-ins over the last couple of weeks.

Knight said, "It was a similar vehicle description of other burglaries.  Investigators believe the man was involved in several other burglaries.  It's something we are looking at."

A search of DOC records shows Brown has a lengthy history of stealing, with numerous convictions for burglary dating back a decade.

The alleged break-in this week may be his last crime for a while.

Knight said, "We are fortunate a citizen called in and got this guy off the street before he could commit more burglaries."

In this case, the suspects did not make it inside the store before being caught by police.