UPDATE: OSU proposes campus ban on e-cigarettes

Posted on: 12:32 pm, October 22, 2013, by , updated on: 08:48pm, October 22, 2013

e cigarette

STILLWATER, Okla. — The popularity of electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes”, is booming everywhere.

But Oklahoma State University could soon ban them from campus despite their reputation as being a much healthier alternative to smoking.

E-cigarettes use a small battery to vaporize a liquid solution of nicotine.

There’s no ash and no smoke, but the vapor does give off various odors.

OSU says their intent to ban them is based on a letter from the State Health Department Commissioner, Terry Cline, who said research on e-cigarettes is extremely limited and researchers don’t know the health risk to users or the risk of secondhand vapor.

Student reaction on OSU’s campus was mixed Tuesday.

“My grandma got lung cancer from smoking, so I wouldn’t want that on anybody,” Amanda McEnroe said, “so if that could give the same effect, I wouldn’t want them doing that.”

“(The ban) is from a publicity standpoint, not from really a health standpoint,” Thomas Reyna said, “because they don’t have enough research.”

OSU released a statement on e-cigarette ban proposal, saying “OSU is proposing to update its tobacco-use policy due to the unknown impact of secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes. The change follows the recommendation of the Oklahoma State Department of Health and is consistent with Oklahoma State University’s ongoing efforts to be a healthier campus.”

OSU’s board of regents could approve the ban at a Friday meeting.


  • Barbara Mullikin says:

    This is seriously annoying me.I smoked for 35 years . tried just about anything and everything to quit smoking .I was smoking 2 packs a day. come on people. I quit on Feb 8 this year and have not looked back. there is no danger in using E-cigs.. they should be allowed anywhere.
    Doctors and Drug company’s should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Debbie Anderson says:

    Helk ya, join Obama in taking our freedoms away one at a time. It never stops, someone always thinks they know better than the next person. The next thing you know, colleges will be making students wear uniforms for their dumb *** logic

  • Ralph Lucas says:

    They are implementing this ban based on a recommendation by the government, who stands to loose MILLIONS in tax revenue due to the decrease in tobacco sales. Go figure.

  • Derek says:

    Agreed Sherrie i couldnt have said it better myself! Finally people are smoking something that doesnt STINK and make people sick and they have to complain STILL! This country is sad it truly is…

  • just wondering if the FDA approved inhaler nicotine delivery system is also banned at these places. Really hate that people may become discouraged and not switch to a non tobacco cig based on all the fear mongering and bans.

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