2013 Halloween kiddos

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  • this is my son as chuckie

  • Judah Shawrus in Lindsay OK!

  • ***Taylan's first Halloween***

  • My son Dorian as Michael Jackson

  • The inspiration for this costume came from Kyler's current developmental stage. His frequent tantrums, difficulty communicating and complete disregard for manners and cleanliness make him quite the little neanderthal. The costume itself was very simple to make. A quick and easy pattern with one shoulder out of brown fleece was cut and then sewn. Snaps were hotglued into the bottom for easy diaper changing access. The costume was then adorned with hand cut leopard print accents. The club was made out of the same brown fleece and stuffed for safe playing! Kyler really enjoyed dressing up and was in character all day! Kyler is 18 months old and lives in Barrow, Alaska at the "Top of the World" with his mom and dad.

  • My grandaughter Faith Leann Wright.

  • Zayne "Woody" Hoffman of Canton Oklahoma gets ready for Halloween 2013

  • Glitter Fish

  • My 15 month old daughter was a doll this year

  • Andy Warhol One of A Kind Original & Baby Brekfast at Tiffanys with Holly Golightly

  • My daughter dressed up as Instagram

  • Will Lawson - Cowboy Up!

  • Submitted by Jon Welsh

  • Sisters Bailey Madison & Kinley Zaye, and dad Chris Cottrell - Halloween 2013 rcottrell5@cox.net

  • My daughter was more interested in handing out candy instead of trick-or-treating.

  • happy halloween

  • Blake Norman Cox as Simba at 5 months.

  • Alexis 6 and AZaria 9 MWC

  • Cutest Oompa Loompa one year old little boy ever!

  • My grandsons....

  • "Lela" from Teen Beach Movie Olivia Cottingham submitted this, Oompa Loompa Baby, and Micky Mouse cuteness overload. My contact info is oliviacottingham@gmail.com

  • Toy Soldiers - Blake and Dalton Matherly Halloween 2013

  • Mickey Mouse cuteness overload

  • Jackson, age 2, from Choctaw. The cutest lumber"Jackson" ever.

  • Yukon, OK

  • Joann won funnies costume at Kingfishers Fright Night

  • Addison's 1st Halloween!

  • Penny

  • burney1003

  • pcguy2000

  • Britni Seaton

  • Daelynn/Cinderella

  • kevin ogle

  • Kyler Rhys Eaton, 3 yrs old of Watonga,

  • Emma Jolly

  • thunder_bird_pilot

  • Laundry kids, Adrian, Alivia, and Addison.

  • Macho man randy savage, Rosie the riveter, bucking bull, bull rider

  • Sanroman, JJ

  • Chase Elliott from Choctaw

  • Izzy and his certified autism service dog, Kozmo. Son of Edmond Police Officer Bervis Littles

  • Proud Gammie's kiddos

  • Lucas (4mos. Old)

  • Annabelle and Carter Talbott

  • Bentlee (3) & Bryson (1) from Wellston OK

  • Becklee (5 months)

  • Raelee Grace Robinson of Shawnee

  • Zombie princess' Madison White age 2 from Ponca City

  • Tooth fairy and spiderman

  • Bria Edwards

  • louis shannon

  • Collin and Caleb

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