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OKLAHOMA CITY – The next time you go to the airport, the process to get from the ticket counter to the plane could be a bit faster and easier.

A new security program at Will Rogers World Airport is aiming to speed up the process for travelers.

It’s the TSA Pre-Check, an expedited security screening.

Those going through will no longer have to worry about taking off shoes or packing liquids in plastic bags.

A handful of the strict guidelines are being ruled out.

TSA is expanding the faster screening program to 60 airports across the country right now, including Will Rogers in Oklahoma City.

Safety officials are working to move away from a “one size fits all” approach and looking for more ways to provide an effective and efficient security check process.

Travelers will also be able to keep on coats and belts  with this new process.

Laptops can stay packed away.

By the end of the year, TSA officials said they plan to enforce this father security process in 100 airports across the country.