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Grady County welcomes two new K-9 Officers to the sheriff’s office

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GRADY COUNTY, Okla.- Grady County Sheriff’s Office announces their two new K-9 Deputies Friday.

The K-9’s partners are Deputy Zac Davis and Deputy Steve Gilliam.

Both Brando and Kaspin are trained patrol dogs and are Belgian Malinois breed.

They are trained in narcotics detection, tracking, criminal apprehension, handler protection and searching for evidence.

They are from Belgrade, Serbia and are being trained by Performance K-9 in Tulsa.

Once the dogs are done training next month they will be on the streets along with Deputy Jason Hefley and Smokey and Deputy Tim Spratt and Rufus.

Other Duties:

Officers can use their dog to enforce public order while on patrol. A primary role for Police dogs is pursuing and apprehending suspects that attempt to escape the law enforcement officers.

Dogs tend to be trained for one specialty skill such as identifying narcotics or smuggled goods, search and rescue, operations, detecting accelerates at an arson scene, or locating human remains.