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FOLLOW UP: Shirt company refunds tornado victims

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MOORE, Okla. - There is new information on the Agapeland Learning Center teachers and parents who felt they were scammed out of t-shirt money.

The May tornado flattened the daycare, and one small thing students, parents and teachers wanted to show for it was a shirt saying "We will survive May 20".

"I was like oh my God. Yes, of course I'll help you. No problem," said Patricia Beedle.

Beedle owns Lotus Apparel, and when a man contacted her about the t-shirts she was ready to donate some.

"I told him straight up, 'We are a small company. We are just starting. We don't really have a lot of monetary value. I can do about 20 t-shirts.'," said Beedle.

That's where the confusion comes into play. The daycare understood about 80 shirts would be free. The rest would cost $3 a piece.

"I was like this isn't going to work," said Beedle. "We can't, I mean, we can't make shirts for three dollars, and if I could, I would have that situation for them."

Beedle doesn't know how the mix up happened but promised to return their money.

"I think it was a failure, a failure of communication to be honest," said Beedle.

Still, parents waited for a refund for months. Beedle says she mailed a check to the old daycare address, but nothing's there.

So Wednesday, Beedle gave NewsChannel 4 the refund check.

"If I had more to give, I would give them more," said Beedle.

We took it straight to Agapeland's Director, Memory Taylor. She was relieved.

"I'm thankful that they wanted to help. I think it was kind of them. She brought cupcakes to our picnic. I know it came from the bottom of her heart that she wanted to do it," said Taylor. "I'm glad that it's done. They can move forward. We can move forward. It's water under the bridge."