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Lawmaker convicted of bribery released from jail

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A former Oklahoma lawmaker is a out of jail one night after being convicted of bribery.

On Wednesday a judge agreed to grant former state representative Randy Terrill a $10,000 bond while his case is appealed.

The jury recommended Terrill serve one year in prison.

"Hey Jesse.," said Terrill walking into court.

"How's it going Randy?" I answered.

"Good.  They've been very good to me," answered Terrill.

Terrill didn't let his night in the county jail dampen his mood.

several lawmakers agreed with the judge's decision to grant bail pending appeal.

"Representative Terrill is one of the most dedicated family man on Earth," said state lawmaker Mike Reynolds.  "What an absurdity for the state to think he might be a flight risk."

"I think it was a good decision for the judge to make," said attorney David McKenzie.

McKenzie also praised the judge's ruling because Terrill didn't commit a violent crime.

"Because he's not danger to the community, it's white collar crime, it doesn't do any good to keep him in prison," said McKenzie.

On Tuesday night, a jury convicted Terrill of bribing former state senator Debbe Leftwich with a high paying job in the state medical examiner's office in exchange for her not seeking re-election.

"It was a disappointment but not a surprise," said Reynolds.  "It's the legislature's fault for the laws on the books."

Leaving jail, Terrill offered one warning for his former coworkers in the state capitol.

"My message to the rest of the legislature is watch your back.  If you make the DA mad, you may be next," said Terrill.

During his release, Terrill will have to wear an ankle monitor and surrender his passport.

Because the trial for Leftwich is just a month away, the judge also told Terrill not to have any contact with the witnesses involved in that trial.