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MOORE, Okla. -- A man pulls out a knife on a float full of children during a homecoming parade because they were making too much noise. Police say the man slinging the knife was not arrested because of how the coach reacted.

It happened homecoming day for the Wolfpack youth football team in Moore. It was a hopeful game night, but as the team floated around Buck Thomas Park one man thought the players were too loud and interrupted a baseball game he was watching in a nearby field. Witnesses say he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"He walks down the side of the float and the kids are wanting to give him a high-five but he backed away and we saw the knife in his hand," said parent Justin Williams.

Seeing that sharp blade the coach sprang into action.

"At that moment I was scared because we saw the knife, the kids saw the knife and when I went after the guy I wanted to make sure he didn't bring that knife back out," said head coach Kevin Cardwell. "It's not something I'm not proud of at this point but I snapped and I did push him and hit him a few times."

The kids watched in horror as the men fought.

"They were crying upset and historical, what could we say but calm down kids its okay, no one is going to get you, the bad guy is gone. That's all we could say to reassure them they were ok," said Williams.

Police were called, but the man with the knife was not arrested; it was upsetting for many parents.

"He shouldn't be allowed to walk around making stabbing motions around kids it's not okay, Williams said "He could have easily cut my son's hand, another kid, he could have cut anyone at any point. And just because he was mad that we were making noise; that make no sense."

We went to police with their concerns.

"There wasn't anyone saying he was trying to hurt the children he was basically upset with the noise and was trying to poke the tires on the trailer, so that's why he wasn't arrested that night" Jeremy Lewis with Moore Police.

Investigators said because of the beating unleashed by the coach, the man with the knife was considered a victim. Williams said, "I think that's a bunch of crap just as simple as that. Yeah the coach pushed the guy as any person would if they have a knife around your kids or anyone you're going to push him away."

But the coach said he was listed as a suspect.

"I felt was protecting the kids. and that's what my parents feel and that's what those kids feel. I want justice for these kids," Cardwell said.

Police tell us the official report isn't ready yet but when it is we'll post it.