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UPDATE: Technology helps parents, trick-or-treaters avoid potential predators

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police say sex offenders shouldn't be decorating their homes or even have their porch light on tonight.

Regardless of those guidelines, if a child just happened to knock on a sex offender's door, they can give your child candy.

Mothers preparing for a night of trick-or-treating were shocked to learn that fact.

Tiffini Williams says, "You should have no interaction with children what so ever, so you should not even be able to open the door during Halloween to pass out candy! I wouldn't even trust eating the candy from a sex offender!”

Terra Richardson says, "Ultimately, it's the parents. It's their responsibility to watch and take care of their kids."

Both moms say the best way to do that is with technology.

There are a variety of apps out there that will alert you to the location of a sex offender's home.

As you go from house to house, once you've downloaded one of the apps, you can take a second to look and see which houses might be a good idea to avoid.

Capt. Dexter Nelson, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, says, "The problem with that is that's not all of them."

Nelson says a night like tonight is difficult because some offenders may be transient or not in the system yet.

Nelson said, "Even though you might have an app, don't get a false sense of security by checking the app at one particular home."

He says the best solution is an extremely watchful eye.

The free Life 360 app has an "Offender 360" section showing where registered sex offenders live.

The app claims to display mug shots of the offenders as well.

You can also check the Department of Corrections website to see where sex offenders live.

Apple iOS: Download Life 360 sex offender locator app
Android: Download Life 360 sex offender locator app