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No costume? No problem! Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

Don't have your Halloween costume yet? No problem.

Here are a few last-minute costume ideas we found around the web.

They aren't contest winners but they will get you through a Halloween party or two...

  1. Gold digger - Pile on the gold jewelry, real or fake, and carry the snow shovel that has been hibernating in your garage since the last storm.
  2. God's gift to women - Men, cover yourselves with Christmas bows and wear a sticker that reads "To: Women. From: God."
  3. Formal apology - Put on a suit, tux or ball gown and wear a sign that reads "I'm sorry."
  4. Identity theft - Cover yourself with name tag stickers bearing the names of others.
  5. Pumpkin pie - Iron a mathematical Pi symbol (π) on a pumpkin orange shirt and there you go. You're pumpkin pie!
  6. Sick and tired - Sport your PJs, stick a thermometer in your mouth and an ice pack on your head.
  7. Nudist on strike - Wear your normal clothes and carry a "bum-style" cardboard sign that reads "Nudist on strike."
  8. "Buccaneer" - Tape a $1 bill to your ear. You are now a "buck-an-ear."
  9. Self portrait - Carry a large picture frame, minus the glass, holding it in front of your face. Instant "self portrait."
  10. Tickled pink - Adorn yourself in the rosy hue from head to toe and complete with a pink feather boa.

Costume ideas courtesy Real Life magazine and The Chive.

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