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Police arrest man in sports ticket scam

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TULSA, Okla. - The Bedlam Game is a tradition that runs deep in Oklahoma.

Tulsa police say 28-year-old Travis Darrel Jon Ogden tried to cash in on the excitement by selling five different people the same two tickets to the rivalry. Ogden pocketed $1,400 from the bogus sales and admits to using the money to buy drugs.

Dan Mahoney with the Oklahoma City Thunder says crimes like this one spike at the beginning of sports season. Crooks take advantage of technology and people to make a quick buck.

Mahoney said “You don’t want to buy from people on the street. The chance of getting ripped off there is pretty great.”

He says a good principal to have is to know who you're buying from over the internet.

“A couple of times through Craigslist I felt a little nervous, but when I’m buying from one of the major companies I’ve never been nervous, no.” Sports fan Christopher Goree said.

Since today's tickets have the "print at home" feature, thieves can print their tickets as many times as they want and then sell them to unsuspecting buyers.

Make sure you always watch out for red flags.

“If someone that you don’t know is trying to sell you a ticket and they ask for your credit card information and all they are is an e-mail address, don’t go there.” Mahoney said.