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Soda plays bigger role in sugar overload than trick-or-treating

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Halloween is one of the few days of the year when we over do it on candy.

However, some new studies show many Americans are eating too much sugar on a daily basis.

The study claims a typical man or boy should have no more than nine teaspoons of sugar each day.

On average, a man will consumer 34 teaspoons, which is about 550 calories.

Drinks are the main culprit of all that sugar, not Halloween candy.

One reason children may like sweets more is that their tongues are smaller but they have the same number of taste buds, concentrating their flavor centers.

The effect of sweet food is magnified for kids.

While many parents swear their children get hyper when they have too much sugar, scientific studies have failed to prove that.

In fact, too much sugar slows down brain functions.