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UPDATE: Suspect arrested in Spencer home, barn burglaries

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SPENCER, Okla. - Police in Spencer say they have arrested one man who allegedly burglarized homes and barns in north Spencer.

Last month, Spencer Police Chief Virgil Green warned residents near the intersection of Douglas and Spencer Jones Rd. to be on high alert after officers discovered multiple barns and sheds ransacked on private property.

A camera at one home caught one suspect in the act, in broad daylight.

At one point, you can see him smiling and chatting on his phone.

He later notices the camera but Chief Green says the suspect didn't look too concerned.

Chief Green says, "For some reason, these guys felt very comfortable that they could do this in broad daylight and not get caught."

The man was later identified as 27-year-old Gerald Dewayne Lee from Midwest City.

Gerald Lee

Gerald Lee

Lee was arrested Monday and Chief Green says he admitted to the crime.

Officers believe they are looking for a group of men who are targeting backyard sheds but one man has been taken into custody.

"They're probably watching us and we're trying to watch them,” says Green. "It's kind of that old cat and mouse game."

A game Carolyn Harris wants to see come to an end.

She and her family live across the street from the latest victim.

She's spent the last week alerting her neighbors and warning them to keep their gates locked and the cameras on to protect what is rightfully theirs.

"We're just everyday working people and we have the same thing that everybody's got,” says Harris. “We don't want you to come in and take our things from us."

Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to call the Spencer police department at (405) 771-3798.