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UPDATE: Edmond family mourns loss, seeks changes to dangerous intersection

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EDMOND, Okla. - A busy  intersection in Edmond is raising some serious concerns of safety, especially after a man lost his life in an accident last month.

Now, residents have asked officials to step in and make some changes to the intersection of Santa Fe and County Wood Ln.

Amy Heise will not even get close to the intersection leading into her neighborhood.

She said, "It's terrifying."

Heise lost her husband, Erron, last month to an accident at the intersection of Santa Fe and Country Wood Ln.

That is between W. 15th Street and Edmond Road/2nd Street in Edmond.

Ironically, this was not the first time she and her husband talked about heavy traffic and high speeds in the area.

She said, "He constantly said one of these days, someone is going to hit us, because people drive so fast. They don't pay any attention, they try to switch lanes at the last minute."

Erron was driving along Santa Fe, heading north, when he tried to make a left hand turn at Country Wood Ln.

However, he collided with a truck.

Other residents are concerned about the intersection but no one has a good solution to the problem right now.

There's talk amongst neighbors about adding a traffic light or frequent speed traps.

Nicole Satterwhite said, "I think if we increased patrol over there, at least it would crack down for a little bit."

Kathryn Olds has lived in this community since 1982.

Throughout the years, she's begged city officials for traffic control.

Olds said, "We cannot exit this addition. We can't get back into this addition and I think we deserve better than that."

A solution Heise said her husband would be fighting for too.

She said, "He would want something to be done. To not see his boys grow up or to be here with us."

The speed limit right now is 45 miles per hour on Santa Fe but residents say many drivers speed on the road.

NewsChannel 4 did reach out to the Edmond Police Department to ask about possible solutions but did not hear back.