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UPDATED: Taser attack of metro clerk caught on cam

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City store clerk survives a violent overnight robbery and it's all caught on tape.

It happened Tuesday night. That's when a thief came into the Classen Food Store and assaulted the clerk with a knife and taser or stun gun.

"I don't know what happened because at that time I was very afraid," said the victim Sohel Ahmed.

Ahmed tried to run outside, only to be tackled by the suspect, and stunned again.

The suspect then went behind the counter and demanded more money.

"When I told him we don't have more money, he put a taser in my neck," said Ahmed.

After six minutes inside the store, repeatedly shocking the victim, the crook casually walked out the front.

When police arrived, the clerk had no trouble helping police identify the accused thief as 17-year-old Lamonn Blonner.

"The clerk indicated when he drives to work he sees the suspect playing basketball in a nearby neighborhood," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

It didn't take police long to track the suspect down.

From the front door of the business, walking down Classen to 30th, it only takes 157 steps to get to the suspect's front door.

Blonner's sister says she's surprised but says her brother needed the money.

"This is what happens when they don't give these kids no jobs," said the sister.

Ahmed suffered small burns to his cheek, neck, arms and legs, but otherwise escaped the frightening ordeal without major injury.

Blonner now faces a charge of armed robbery.