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DEL CITY, Okla. -- One metro family went to bed cold Wednesday night. That's because of a gas leak that's gone unfixed for two months.

"I work full-time, I go to school full-time and I'm a single mom. This wasn't my problem to have to deal with," said Sara LaBorde.

She's frustrated feeling like she's caught in middle; between Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) and the City of Del City.

She said that problem started when the city was working on sewer lines in her backyard. At some point a gas line was hit and gas vapors began leaking out.

"It's getting cold out and I still don't have heat in my house and I have a six-year-old to think about. I'm just trying to resolve the problem," LaBorde says.

At first she said city officials denied working in her backyard. But when she sent pictures of the work, they changed their tune, finally acknowledging the issue.

But she says ONG, who turned off her gas earlier this week, keeps insisting that she pay the $542.16 bill they sent her.

LaBorde said, "They knew my situation. I've contacted them thirty times in the last two months. And to top it all off, the company wants to charge me a $50 reconnect fee. This problem wasn't my fault."

With frigid temperatures looming at sunset, she is prepared to bundle up with extra blankets to make sure her little boy keeps warm.

"The last couple of nights I've had my son in my bed so if I got cold I knew I needed to do something about him," LaBorde says.

NewsChannel 4 spoke with a city official late Wednesday afternoon and they told us they did agree to pay the bill and LaBorde should have a check by Thursday afternoon. We checked back and learned LaBorde did receive the check and the bill was paid. She is scheduled for re-connection Friday.