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Deadly driveways; Is potentially cancer-causing chemical at your home?

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We are looking into a disturbing revelation sweeping across the east side of the United States.

It involves sealants used on pavement and it could be under your feet right now.

So far it has been outlawed in two states, Minnesota and Washington.

New York just passed a law headed in the same direction.

The issue comes when it rains.

The sealant is washing off and ending up in waterways and urban lakes.

The National Toxicology Report considers the compound a hazard.

According to health officials, a lot of research shows these coal-based sealants contain potentially carcinogenic and toxic chemicals.

Many cities have outlawed it and other states have restricted it.

Officials said schools and daycares should not use it.

Meg Alexander is working to find out if this sealant is really a threat and if it could be harming Oklahomans.

She will show you how to test for this potentially dangerous compound at your home Monday at 10 p.m.