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Flash Point: Obamacare, incarcerated veterans, and the Indian Cultural Center

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In this week’s Flash Point program three main topics are challenged and debated. The Affordable Healthcare Act, the high rate of incarcerated veterans and the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

In this first segment the gang take on the health care act and show President Obama apologizing for all the problems in the roll out. Is Obamacare on life support? Humphreys says that the OKC Chamber of Commerce claims that 1400 companies in Oklahoma City will lose their ability to provide insurance to their employees because their plans do not meet government standards. Turpen counters that elections have consequences. Turpen also agrees that some democrats are running for cover as the roll out has it’s hiccups.

In this next segment we welcome former Air Force General Rita Aragon. She is now the Secretary of Military and Veteran Affairs and she is concerned about the high rate of incarcerated veterans in the state of Oklahoma. She says most of those, 80 percent, are in jail due to drug and alcohol related issues. The VA has a program called 'Battle Buddies.' Incarcerated veterans team up with a battle buddy to help them file for VA benefits. While the veterans are in jail they are encouraged to help the jail in positive ways and set themselves apart as model inmates.

Next we welcome State Senator Kyle Loveless (R) Oklahoma City. He is here to update the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum. Construction has been slow, but Loveless is optimistic that a new bill will fund the project. He says the museum funding is part of a state agency and that there are private donors ready to match state funds dollar per dollar.

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