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OKLAHOMA CITY – A local non-profit is on a mission to collect turkeys for the needy this Thanksgiving.

Sister Mable Stoss, with the Free Food Pantry, Inc, said, “This year, it seems like mission impossible. We do not have one turkey promised, not one.”

For more than 20 years, the Free Food Pantry has been providing turkeys for families in need.

This year alone, the non-profit has more than 200 families requesting help to celebrate the holiday.

Unless Sister Mable gets donations soon, she says many families will have to do without the Thanksgiving staple.

She said, “We are looking for assistance from anyone that can possibly help us. Whether it’s through a company or an individual, we highly and humbly appreciate everything the people give to help others.”

If you would like to help the Free Food Pantry, call (405) 721-6763 or (405) 209-7470.