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‘Hat Heisters’ could be burglary suspects

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HARRAH, Okla. -- Investigators with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department want to speak with two women seen trying on cute animal print winter hats in a gas station surveillance video.

According to sheriff's officials, the items the women purchased were bought with a stolen credit card.

The credit card belonged to Krista Gesche.

Gesche's purse was stolen out of her Chevy Uplander while it was parked in the driveway of her Harrah home.

"I was mad at myself because I left it out there. I was like great, I have everything in there, everything," said Gesche.

Her 10-year-old daughter's birthday money, $250 cash, was also inside that purse.

"I was sad because all of that money just went to waste," Lillian Gesche said.

And the Gesche family became even more angry when they got an up close look at exactly what their money might have been spent on.

"There are a couple of women who I like to call 'hat heisters.' Apparently they're trying on all these unique hats at the counter of this gas station," said Mark Myers with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.

The two women of interest were captured on surveillance video at the Thunder Travel Plaza at I-40 and Choctaw Road.

Sheriff's deputies now want to talk with them about Gesche's stolen credit cards.

They take the time to try on their cute winter hats before checking out.

"I laughed just because of what the animal hats and what they were buying and doing and how careless they were. So it was kind of ridiculous," said Gesche.

Gesche is hoping someone will recognize the women and call authorities.

She wants whoever did this to learn a lesson.

"It's funny, even my 3 year old even says - that bad guy needs sauce in his mouth because that's if they say a naughty word or bite. They even understand it. You know that bad buy needs to be punished for their actions," said Gesche.

Sheriff's deputies also have two still pictures of a man and a woman who appears to be one of the same ones from the gas station video.

These pictures come from a Wal-Mart in Midwest City where investigators say the stolen credit cards were used as well.

If you have any information, call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department at 405-713-1017.

The persons of interest can be seen here in photos provided by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department:

The video below, also provided by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department, shows two women of interest trying on hats at a counter in a Choctaw gas station: