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Break-ins boiling over in Guthrie

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - The town of Guthrie ended up being a burglars paradise Wednesday morning. They are still on the loose, and this is the second round of break-ins in Guthrie this month.

It's not clear if the smash and grabs are related yet, but investigators aren't ruling that out.

Before four in the morning, burglars were popping locks and smashing windows just to get their hands on cigarettes and cash.

"Makes me very, very concerned and kind of scary, also," said Safdar Muhammad.

Thieves targeted Muhammad's store, IB's, at 3:30 am.

They walked right in after breaking the lock.

Logan County Sheriff's Deputies say the burglars knew exactly where to find the safe and even knew the combination to the lock, leading investigators to believe the burglars could have worked there before.

"It is very troublesome, and that's why I am very concerned," said Muhammad.

Next on the list was the Valero ten miles away on E. Noble Ave. There, criminals bashed in the front door and grabbed money.

"Makes you feel violated, you know, said Kenton Woodard. "Like they, you wish they would get a job and pay for stuff like the rest of us."

30 minutes later, intruders busted the Smoke Shop's lock just to get the cigarettes.

In each case, investigators say the men wore masks to cover their faces.

Back at Muhammad's store, he's confident they can't hide forever.

"I know the law is going to get them, sooner or later," said Muhammad. "They're going to get caught."

If you know anything about the break-ins, call Guthrie Police.