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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Pig cruelty video prompts company to drop ties

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Graphic Video:

HENRYETTA, Okla. - Disturbing undercover video taken at an Oklahoma pig farm has the nation's largest meat producer cutting ties.

Tyson Foods told NBC News they're ending their contract with West Coast Farms, near Henryetta, after hidden video revealed cruel treatment of pigs.

The group Mercy For Animals took the images for three weeks, starting in September.

The video shows workers spiking piglets like footballs, tails being cut off, reproductive organs being ripped out, eyes being gouged - even a bowling ball being thrown at a pig's head.

It also shows "gestation crates" being used, in which pregnant sows are held - unable to turn around.

Mercy For Animals wants Walmart to stop doing business with farms that use the crates.

"Pigs are every bit as capable of suffering and feeling pain as our beloved dogs and cats at home," Director Of Investigations Matt Rice said Wednesday, "and they deserve the same type of protection from needless cruelty and violence."

West Coast Farms owner Lonnie Herring told NBC News “I was stunned that anyone could be that callous in their treatment of any animal. After viewing the video, I immediately returned to my farm and terminated the employees seen in the video."

The Oklahoma Pork Council said that behavior is not acceptable and said it's obvious the farm did not follow industry standards.

Wal-Mart did not return our calls.

Mercy For Animals wants the Okfuskee County District Attorney, Max Cook, to prosecute the employees.

Cook told NewsChannel 4 he will look at the video soon.