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Top travel apps for those heading home for the holidays

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While Thanksgiving is one week away, many families have their eyes set on a distant destination for the holiday.

Now, experts say your smartphone may help you get home with ease.

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps on the market and gets high marks for accuracy.

To avoid bumps in the road, the “Waze” app delivers user-generated alerts on heavy traffic, accidents and even speed traps in real time.

If you are taking to the skies, check with your airline for any particular app they recommend.

Many have apps that allow users to check in, track their flight and monitor checked baggage.

When it comes to packing, an app called “My TSA” will let you know what to take and what you must leave behind when crossing airport security.

Also, “Packing Pro” offers ready-made lists of essential items to pack, based on the type and length of your trip.

The “iFly Pro” app helps airline travelers navigate hundreds of airports with information on shops, lounges, Wi-fi and family friendly options.

While traveling, planning ahead is key.

Experts suggest you have a way to charge your devices on the go and a back up plan in case technology fails.