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Fans endure cold to cheer Cowboys on to victory

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STILLWATER, Okla. - Pistols firing, the Cowboys went bear hunting Saturday night.

In the stands, the Pokes' fans seemed determined to out-spirit Baylor.

Monica Mhado said, "People are in there with no shirts on and it's freezing out here."

Alyssa Wygal said, "It makes me feel extremely proud that I come to such an amazing school."

A high stakes game with pride on the line, the Cowboys were up at the half, giving fans in orange the opportunity to "poke" some Bears.

Ambra Wesley said, "I feel like we're doing a great job, we're all getting the job done around here."

Wygal said, "Well, obviously I want OSU to win but we'll be proud of the Cowboys no matter what."

The Cowboys took home the win 49-17.