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Businesses booming, rebuilding in Moore months after tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - If you take a drive across 19th Street in Moore, you can still see damage from the tornado.

Businesses and homes in the middle of repairs surround the area, even as it explodes with new growth.

“We’re pretty excited about all the new development coming to Moore." Mayor Glenn Lewis said. "And we hope everybody else will come visit us and shop.”

Mayor Lewis says the building boom will bring the city a brand new Sam's Club at 19th Street and Broadway.

Office and apartment complexes will also go up, as well as the only Dairy Queen in the metro.

“Everybody is so excited about the Dairy Queen!" Mayor Lewis laughed. "There hasn’t been a Dairy Queen here in years. They put the sign up about a week ago.”
"This is a big deal. I am so excited for Dairy Queen right now." Moore Resident Jake Lynn said.

"I am too." Maddie Lynn said. "I love Dairy Queen.”

Moore residents view the growth as a statement that they will rebuild despite May's destruction.

“I think it’s great and Moore is really booming." Moore resident Nels Nelson said. "And we’re really proud of it.”

“We got Hemispheres in Moore and it’s the only other store in town besides the one out north. And we got it instead of Edmond.” Carol Nelson joked.

The growth is a testimony to that Oklahoma spirit, despite everything Mother Nature took away.

“[The] tornado, you know, it doesn’t mean anything. It might knock us down but we’re going to come back stronger.” Jake Lynn said.

Many of the smaller shops and restaurants along 19th Street are also re-opening.

There is no definite opening date yet for Sam's Club.

The grand opening for Dairy Queen will be January 1.