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KFOR Turkey Fry: Chef Dillie offers recipe, tips and comedy

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thousands of Oklahoma families plan on frying their Thanksgiving meal.

NewsChannel 4 photojournalist and storm chaser, Marc Dillard, fried up several turkeys Wednesday morning on the morning show.

Here's Chef Dillie Doo's "famous" Creole Fried Turkey recipe:

  • Completely thaw and dry turkey
  • Remove all plastic or metal buttons and clips
  • Remove neck and giblet bag from cavity
  • Inject bird with Tony Chachere Creole Butter Marinade
  • Sprinkle bird with Tony Chachere Creole spices
  • Cover and refrigerate turkey for 24 hours (or as long as possible)
  • Prepare fryer
  • Heat oil
  • Cover turkey with Hino Spices
  • Dip carefully

Remember, internal temperature must be at least 175 degrees Farenheit in order for meat to be sufficiently cooked.

In order to fry safely: keep children away from fryer, always use gas fryers outside and away from structures, make sure turkey is thawed and dry before dipping in hot oil, wash hands and utensils thoroughly.

Here are some additional videos as Chef Dillie prepared and fried several NewsChannel 4 turkeys.