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U.S. Grant High School seeing steady increase in achievement with Super Senior Seven

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OKLAHOMA CITY - U.S. Grant High School in Oklahoma City is seeing a steady increase in achievement and motivation.

Educators are crediting a program they created called the Super Senior Seven.

The school said the inertia for the program started with Susan Turpen and Principal Clay Vinyard said it is generating enthusiasm among students.

He said it is helping students push themselves to succeed. U.S. Grant Super Senior Seven shirt

Students reach Super Seven Senior status by passing all seven state-mandated end of instruction exams.

It is an achievement that has not always been easily obtained for the school.

Emanuel Montes, one of the U.S. Grant “Super Seven Seniors,” said, “It was a struggle. You got to work through it, you know? Nothing is free in this world, so you got to work for everything you do in this life.”

Anna Cardenas, a U.S. Grant “Super Seven Senior,” said, “We started off just having a couple of students pass the seven EOIs and now it’s become a great thing we actually have to have an assembly for.” U.S. Grant Randall Reed Ford

School officials said students have until the end of the school year to pass all seven exams.

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