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Oklahoma City, Okla. - Every year you see them, the faithful campers freezing in their tents outside stores just to get their hands on a Black Friday bargain.

News Channel Four went straight to the lines to find out who these people are camping out and why they do it.

It is Chris Williams firs time camping, but this isn't any ordinary camping trip. He is setting up right in front of Best Buy.

"The painful part about it is being out here in the cold," said Williams.

He and his friends are braving the temperatures for a cause. See, Williams is a family man, a father of a little girl, a husband. Camping out is part of his mater plan to get his hands on 60" TV; orders from the wife.

"She said this was the only way I could get a tv so she supports it."

Before they get inside, the group has to stake their claim outside. You have Williams, an ATT worker, his life fong friend, Victor Morgan, oil field worker and Dekoven Edwards. They are a trip you'd want on tent dury, but they've had problem.
"You know this is our second time settig a tent up," said Williams. "First one didn't go so well."

On the serious side, Williams plans to save 400 dollars by camping out, and other in line will also be the first savers in the electronic store.

"It's pretty crazy," said Morgan. "Sometimes people get a little rought!"

After roughing it in the parking lot, this might be the last time they go this far for a deal.
"No! This is prbably my first and only year to do this," said Williams. "I'll probably never do it again!"