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turkey Thanksgiving dinner

What are your Thanksgiving Day traditions? Here are some recent survey results, see where your holiday activities fall on the list.

Top Thanksgiving traditions:

  1. 82% indulge in holiday food
  2. 80% visit with family and friends
  3. 51% share what I’m thankful for
  4. 42% watch football games/sporting events
  5. 32% watch holiday movies/festive parades

Favorite traditional Thanksgiving food:

  1. 41% will enjoy turkey
  2. 19% will eat stuffing
  3. 10% will have pumpkin pie for dessert

Dining in vs. out

  • 85% will eat Thanksgiving dinner at home
  • 15% will dine at a restaurant that day

Black Friday Shopping

  • 45% of U.S. respondents plan to take a Black Friday shopping trip, a 12 percent increase from those that anticipated doing so in 2012.

How will you tie together Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (Thanksgivukkah):

  • Eat a medley of traditional Thanksgiving and Hanukkah foods (68%)
  • Light a menorah during Thanksgiving dinner (68%)
  • Exchange Hanukkah gifts during Thanksgiving dinner (40%)

TripAdvisor sponsored this survey with 1,200 people responding.

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