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E-Cigarettes: Merchant worries some consumers may be at risk

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OKLAHOMA CITY - E-cigarettes or "vaping" as many call it, has widely been used to quit smoking and just in the past year it seems more and more e-cig stores are popping up, but with the rise of teenage users, stores are wanting more regulation.

Steve Brack owns "Up N Vapes" along North Council Road and while e-cigarettes are his business, he wants more regulation of the e-liquid, which contains nicotine.

"E-liquids that are being made in Oklahoma are you know the folks that are mixing the e-liquids whether it`s in their store front or at their house or the bath tub, in their living room or in a sanitary environment," Brack said. "I mean how do we know this? There`s no regulations. There`s no FDA. There`s nobody stepping in to insure that these things are being done in a sanitary way."

Brack says he takes extra precaution when purchasing e-liquid with documentation of exactly what's in it.

"It`s alarming to me you don`t have to have a certification. You do not have to have any classes in order to mix this product that you sell to the general public and to your consumers...," he said.

Brack supports proposed regulation of e-cigarettes by the FDA. Meanwhile, The Oklahoma Vapors Advocacy League started close to a year ago to curb legislation from passing bills against electronic cigarettes, although they say some regulation is needed when it comes to youth.

"We do want to pass a bill that minors cannot have access to e-cigarettes,' Courtney Smith, owner of E-Vapes said.

Until the FDA steps in, Brack says he'll take his own precautions and hopes others will do the same.

"I'm somewhat for some FDA regulations. I think it keeps the checks and balances," he said.