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Locally owned shops gear up for “Small Business Saturday”

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Shopper Steve Rasmussen says he’s done with the crowd’s “Black Friday” brings.

“Been there and done that,” says Rasmussen. “And don't have any desire to go, too many crowds."

For locally owned businesses on Automobile Alley, it's their own day of door buster sales.

Trade Men’s Wares Lukus Collins says, “We’re a small business, we’re a new small business and so we need all the help we can get!”

Just like their big box competitors, small businesses like Schlegel Bicycles will be slashing their prices so their customers still get that holiday discount.

General Manager Steve Swanson says, “This year we really went after that. I tried to make deals that were competing with your high end items like big screen TV’s, things that people seem to get really excited about.”

Plenty Mercantile’s Brittney Melton says on “Small Business Saturday” you will find gifts you might not be able to find at a big box store. It's also all about the one on one service you might not get on "Black Friday".

“You can find those things local and you can find cooler things local and better things and more authentic things,” says Melton. “I think they have the same common thread obviously, get out and go shop.'

But "Black Friday" and "Small Business Saturday" are two different shopping experiences.

“We’ve been able to become really good friends with our guests over this past year, like true authentic relationships we feel like,” says Melton. “So we’re looking forward to them bring their families in.”

Lukus Collins says every one of their products has a story of some kind but you may not be able to hear that story at a larger store.

“We try to meet every customer that comes in here and know them by name,” says Collins. ”You’re not going to be able to find this at a big box store or at the mall. This is the only place you can find these products.”

And locally owned businesses might be the only places you can find that one on one kind of service.

Shopper Steve Rasmussen says, “Like these two gentlemen I just met, first name basis now. They can call me by name and it’s just a whole different unique shopping experience.”

These business owners want their customers to think of "Small Business Saturday" as the money they are spending actually going back to their very own community.

“I think that’s a great concept,” says Rasmussen. “I hope people will get out and support it.”