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OKLAHOMA CITY - Black Friday is in full force and many bargain hunters have been searching day and night for the best deal.

While shopping, we ran into Deanna Scribner at Toys 'R' Us.

Scribner means serious business; she was decked out in Christmas get up and hauling a binder full of coupons and ads.

"We price match all the stores," Scribner said.

Scribner said she spends an hour a week sorting out coupons; time well spent that pays off in the long run.

"I save hundreds every week; to price match you also save money," Scribner said.

Moving onto Best Buy, we ran into the three musketeers of shopping.

They were wearing matching green t-shirts that read, “Coordinated, caffeinated and a little bit crazy."

"We just have a great time getting out and shopping; it's really family time," shopper Kim West said. "If we get what we want, great, if we don't, then we don't. We just have a great time."

From Best Buy to Toys 'R' Us, many stores have been open all day and night since Thanksgiving to accommodate eager shoppers.

For Scribner, her Christmas list is long and although she's open about her coupons, she's keeping her presents a secret.

"I can't tell you really because I've got people that may be watching television but I'm, I'm shopping for kids," Scribner said.

Some sales last through the weekend so make sure to check out your favorite stores so you don’t miss a good sale.

Also keep in mind, Cyber Monday is just around the corner.