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Bags of dead dogs dumped in rural Okla. neighborhood

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The peace and quiet of a country neighborhood was shattered over Thanksgiving.

Kelsey Richardson noticed a starving pit bull in a private driveway a few hundred yards from her house at S.W. 89th and Rockwell. When she tried to help, she made a gruesome discovery.

“I went up to the house, got some food and some water, and then came back down and noticed that there was bags of animals laying there." Richardson said. "One of them was halfway out of the bag and it looks like the other dog was kind of, you know, munching on him a little bit because he didn’t have any food or anything.”

Kelsey and her family contacted the humane society and The Bella Foundation and now the dog is getting medical help.

But bags of dead dogs still cover the driveway. The family says calls to police and the sheriff's office were useless, and animal rescue groups have not responded yet.

"We got three dogs of our own. We just hate to see something like that going on two houses down.” Richardson said.

The family wants the bodies gone and whoever did it to be stopped.

“There’s a lot of sick people in the world and I just can’t believe somebody would do that to an innocent animal. And they were older dogs. They weren’t like babies or anything like that so it’s kind of rough.”

Once the pit bull recover, he will be put up for adoption.

The driveway is owned by Marathon Oil. A spokesperson for the company said this is the first they had heard of the dumping, and if no one had removed the dogs by Monday, they would take care of the removal themselves.