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OSU officials warn fans of ticket scams before Bedlam

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STILLWATER, Okla. - As the Bedlam excitement brews and fans grab their last-minute tickets, university officials are sending one last warning about ticket scams.

Craig Bauman, OSU's ticket manager, says the limited availability and high demand for tickets create the best situations for scammers.

"There's more profit margin in it for the sellers with the prices that we're seeing out there on the secondary market right now," says Bauman. "So, they're willing to take a few more risks knowing that the rewards will be much greater than just a normal, regular game."

Bauman says he has always told fans to be wary of ads on Craigslist and even social media posts selling tickets to Saturday's game.

"Try to know who you're buying tickets from and trust the seller. You're going to run into problems when you don't know who you're getting your tickets from," says Bauman. "You buy from any other source, we don't make any guarantees that you're going to be able to get into the game."

Below are university approved avenues for buying tickets to Bedlam.

OSU Ticket Office

OU Ticket Office