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Midwest City responds to Old Man Winter

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MIDWEST CITY - You can barely see it, but you can certainly hear the sound of falling freezing rain as it touched down in Midwest City.

Emergency managers responded to several accidents while the snow blanketed the streets covering the divider lines. "It's not going to get any better all the way through next Tuesday," said Major David Richardson, Midwest City Fire Department.
He said every twelve hours the Public Works Department will re-apply sand and ice on major roads and intersections.

"We're from California so its pretty cold. We're not used to it," said Jade and Michael.
They don't have a car so they had hoof--it to the store to get formula for their three-week old, baby James. Michael said "The snowflakes as they are hitting you it burns its like glass hitting your face, its terrible."

Even though they weren't driving they still had to dodge motorist and be extra careful.
"We made sure we stayed on the sidewalk, people were hydroplaning everywhere. It was crazy," said Michael. It will take another thirty minutes for them to get home with their stroller full of groceries.

"It's been difficult. I've stayed in Wal-mart, I've stayed in crest foods up the street," said Michelle Hines. She told News Channel 4 she has no place to go. She spent the day walking in stores just to stay warm.

"I even slept in Wal-mart and I was very warm last night and they didn't bother me. They know I'm homeless," Hines said. So far one homeless person is reported dead after freezing to death under a bridge near 23rd Street and Broadway. Michelle is afraid the same could happen to her. "By tonight I might be destitute, desolate and more than just a homeless person i feel like I'm going to be a dead person."
News Channel 4 spoke with first-responders about her situation, they stated they would make sure she was taken care of for tonight.