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Officials warn fans to take trip to Bedlam at your own risk

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OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma highway crews are asking drivers to pay special attention during their trip to Stillwater this weekend for Bedlam.

With snow and icy conditions in this weekends forecast the decision to make the drive up Interstate 35 might be a hard one.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Cole Hackett says, “Make sure to leave plenty of time to get there. Make sure you’re not rushing. Anticipate the snow and icy conditions that could be happening.”

Hackett says they will try their best, but during this weekend’s winter storms Interstate 35 does not get any special treatment.

He says Sooner and Cowboy fans should make the decision on whether or not to go based on how comfortable they are driving in severe conditions.

Hackett says, “We’ll work our hardest to have our crews out there, sanding and salting, cleaning the snow as it comes.”

OSU fan Darrell Goggin says, “I’m comfortable driving a truck and usually we go in my truck. We make all the home games. We’re big OSU fans.”

So most dedicated fans will make the trip with caution no matter what.

OSU fan Chris Parker says, “We are still headed to the game no matter what the weather is. No matter what the roads are like. We’ve planned ahead. Can’t wait to be there. It’s going to be cold but it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“You just plan ahead,” says Goggin. “You leave a little early if the roads are bad. You just do whatever it takes to get there.”