School creates academy to teach about decision-making, community involvement

Posted on: 11:16 am, December 5, 2013, by


OKLAHOMA CITY – Student at a local middle school learned a valuable lesson while contacting a local state representative.

Students at Roosevelt Middle School told teachers that they didn’t believe their letters would be read by any political leaders, so their voices were not important.

Then, Rep. Lankford visited the school and referenced the letters that students had written.

The students realized that their voices can be used to impact the community.

As a result, teachers and staff organized the Roosevelt Leadership Academy, which is an after-school enrichment program that exposes students to community involvement and decision-making.

Organizers say 99 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches and this program can offer them opportunities they would not be able to have in their day to day lives.

The program will culminate with a trip to Washington, D.C. where students will experience decision-making at its highest level.

Now, students are raising money to help fund their trip.