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Some drivers creep, some take a chance on roads

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Oklahoma City, Okla. - Creeping alone, cares braved the city's sleet packed highways.

"I don't mind the snow," said James Duncan. "The ice is not that pleasant to drive on."

News Channel Four caught up with Duncan on his UPS route. He's been delivering your packages for 22 years, a job that doesn't stop for mother nature.

"You just learn to deal with it. You learn to adapt to it," said Duncan. "I've been driving ten 15 miles an hour, and im not having any problems."

There were some people out there going a lot faster.

Cars were doing donuts in the empty Crossroads Mall parking lot. A joy ride that can cost you a ticket for reckless driving.

Problem is, police were so busy with wrecks on the roads, and no one was monitoring this area.

Back on the UPS driver's turf, he is going to stick with slow and steady until his job is done.

"I'm a little bit behind, but you know the key when you're a UPS driver is no accidents," said Duncan.