Mythbusting: Does alcohol actually warm up your body?

Posted on: 8:07 pm, December 6, 2013, by , updated on: 08:24pm, December 6, 2013

Cindy Johnson from Port 63 Liquor has seen more than 100 costumers come into her sons liquor store since the winter storm on Thursday. She is impressed with the amount of alcohol that has been bought by patrons in such a short amount of time, it reminds her of

 “Wal-Mart losing all the bread on the bread aisle same thing happens with liquor stores they come in and they just wipe the aisles out.”

With so many of her customers planning on going to the Bedlam game Saturday Cindy has seen a wide variety of alcohol bought and says the most common drink people are buying up is brandy and dark liquors in hopes to keep themselves warm.

Doctor Lu an emergency Physician warns that these ideas of staying warm with alcohol are wrong.

“that’s more of a misconception, you feel more warm than anything else and that’s because you get more blood to your hands and your toes but the problem is when its so cold compared to your body you do lose it very quickly too so and then you don’t recognize it and you get into trouble.”