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Purchasing antibacterial soap could be a thing of the past following a decision by the FDA on Monday.

The FDA announced that it doubts that antibacterial soap is any better than regular soap.

The agency says it is giving soap companies one year to prove their products work or stop selling them.

The FDA is also taking a look at one of the active ingredients in those soaps, triclosan, which is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide.

Some experts believe the risks posed by the antibacterial soap may actually outweigh the benefits.

Dr. William Schaffner said, “There’s some thought that these antibacterial materials actually create resistance in the bacteria.”

Brian Sansoni, with the American Cleaning Institute, said, “We believe the evidence has been clear for decades and it’s clear today that antibacterial soaps are effective. They do what they say they do. They kill germs on the skin that can make us sick.”

The FDA’s move only applies to soaps and body washes, not the alcohol based hand sanitizers or hand wipes.