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Woman arrested for DUI, allegedly lights deputy’s patrol car on fire

guthrie cop car

GUTHRIE, Okla. – After being taken into custody for allegedly driving under the influence, a Guthrie woman decided to take her frustrations out on the backseat of deputy’s patrol car.

A Logan County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over a vehicle that had drifted to the left of center before driving into a ditch.

After being told to stay in her car, deputies allege 44-year-old Shannon Gandara stumbled into the roadway.

She was immediately taken into custody for driving under the influence and placed in the back of a patrol car.

While searching Gandara’s vehicle, authorities allege that she started a small fire in the back seat of the deputy’s car.

The deputy suffered minor burns to the top of his hand after a slight struggle for a lighter that Gandara was holding.

She was charged with third-degree arson, causing personal injury during the commission of arson, assault on a police officer and driving a vehicle under the influence.