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Avoid these holiday hazards for your pets to stay away from the vet this season

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From tinsel to trees, holly and ornaments, those merry and bright decorations make for a festive season for most but they can also create holiday hazards for our pets.

If you want your pets to have a jolly holiday, it’s time to sharpen your senses with what is and is not safe for your inside pets, starting with festive plants.

Veterinarians said eating holly and mistletoe can really make your pet sick.

The same is true for a poinsettia but your pet would have to eat a large amount for it to be serious.

Decorations like ornaments can be dangerous if broken and swallowed; the same goes for tinsel and ribbon.

Real trees are safe enough but it is not safe for your pet to drink the tree’s standing water.

The water can cause major stomach issues as can holiday table scraps that can lead to pancreatic problems in pets.

Doctors recommend keeping holiday hazards out of reach for your pets to stay away from the vet this season.