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Handcuffed Oklahoma woman sets patrol cruiser on fire

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Logan Co., Okla. - A drunk driving arrest ended in flames, but not because of a wreck.
The fire broke out inside a Logan County Deputy's cruiser.

Deputies pull Shannon Gandara by her feet out of the burning truck. They yell at her to get out.

So how did a drunk driving arrest get so heated?

It started when deputies pulled the 44-year-old over at 2:30 in the morning just off Simmons Rd. and Bryant.

The deputies gave her a sobriety test, but say she didn't follow directions. So, they handcuffed her and put her in the back of the patrol truck.

"Please don't," cried Gandara. "Please don't. Oh my God."

After begging for leniency.

She seems to quiet down, but the situation shortly blows up. She flicks a lighter behind her back. The seat catches on fire. Gandara scoots over, leans back and waits. Smoke fills the truck. So she kicks the door.
All the while, deputies are outside the truck waiting on the tow truck driver to arrive for Gandara's vehicle.

Eventually, deputies notice the fire on and rush over.

The deputies wouldn't talk on camera, but their Chief Deputy Richard Stephens says one has burns on his hands. The flames didn't touch Gandara.

"That's a dangerous thing to breath that smoke," said Chief Deputy Stephens. "So, she could have been seriously injured or killed."

News Channel Four stopped by Gandara's home to ask her why she did it. She never came to the door.

Those who live nearby couldn't believe it.

"You just don't think that type of thing happens in this kind of family oriented area," said Bob Ray.

However, the charred hole left in the deputy's truck is proof, it happened.

Deputies say they patted Gandara down before putting her in the back of the truck, but they never felt the lighter.

Now Gandara faces arson charges and assault of a peace officer on top of the DUI charge.